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No blissful leaders!

Apparently incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Silvestre Reyes, isn’t up on who’s who in the world of terrorism. I realize congressmen spend most of their time soliciting, dining and getting drunk in Washington’s ultra-overpriced bars and restaurants, golfing with their rich buddies, and having sex with the attractive young people on their staffs. Maybe, though, Reyes could take, say 15 minutes a day or so, to read the newspapers, now that he has his hands on the reigns. We overlooked Bush being an ignoramus, and to our peril. Reyes needs to get with the program or just get.



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“War on Terror” a misnomer

We need to rename the “War on Terror”. Maybe we should call it “Guarding Against Terrorism”. I don’t know, but I’m open to suggestions.

9/11 scared the bejesus out of me. I realize fear is unbecoming of a middle-aged Southern boy. Nevertheless it did. Still does. It’s time to put it in perspective though.

I never thought twice as the US embarked on the “War on Terror”. It was obvious something had to be done about al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. I’d have nuked ’em, but nobody asked me.

To hear our government tell it, we’re still waging the “War on Terror”. We will be, they promise, for a generation. Our leaders want us to believe our way of life is under attack. It may be, but not from the terrorists. The politicians want us to be afraid so they can usurp our rights and do things like invade other countries in our name. It’s worked well for them so far.

The fact is, though, being afraid of Muslim fanatics is just ridiculous. Yes, 9/11 was a horrific event. If terrorists could pull something similar off on a somewhat regular basis, then it would make sense to fear them. But to fear them, in light of who and what they really are, is ridiculous. (But flattering, I’m sure, for the terrorist themselves).

Oil is the only thing we need that is produced in the Muslim world. It seems safe to surmise that if the western oil companies shut down their operations, dismantled their wells, storage facilities, and pipelines, the oil would stay right where it is, under the sand, until someone from outside the Muslim world extracted it. Muslims lack the technology to do much of anything for themselves. Sadly, the only things they are good at making are terrorists and WMD. Such a people don’t constitute much of threat to our way of life.

Consider tiny Israel. They are some six million strong, surrounded by a billion Muslims, most of whom profess to want Israel wiped from the face of the earth. But they’re still there, right in the Muslim’s backyard. The US is infinitely more powerful than Israel, not to mention exponentially further removed from the apex of the threat.

It’s time to rename the “War on Terror”. It’s time to tell the government we expect them to protect us, not scare us to death, and certainly not infringe on our rights. In reality the politicians are a much greater threat to the American way of life than are the terrorists.


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“And that’s the way it is”

Click over to Doug’s Darkworld and read his entertaining but bleak assessment of some of what’s going on in the world. I’m a regular reader now. If you’re not an ideologue you’ll enjoy his writing.

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Chuck Hagel on Iraq

As a matter of policy, I don’t link to online newspapers. Those links turn to broken links, usually in about two weeks. Nevertheless, I’ve made an exception. Go forth and read Senator Chuck Hagel’s (R – Nebraska) letter to WAPO.

Could Chuck be presidential timber?

(Hat-tip to The Lady Speaks)


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9/11 conspiracy theories are bs

Is the US government covering up the truth about the 9/11 attacks? Worse, was the government somehow involved? A large number of otherwise-sane citizens think so.

I’m a product of the times I live in, namely, the Age of Bullshit. As a result I’m naturally suspicious. Nevertheless, I haven’t seen or heard one thing that causes me to believe there’s more to the 9/11 tragedy than immediately meets the eye. The attacks were orchestrated and carried out by Muslim religious fanatics. End of story.

Why do so many people buy into senseless bullshit like conspiracy theories? Isn’t the sad state of affairs that is reality bad enough for them? I don’t know, but I have three possible reasons for people believing the unbelievable.

  • Our government has so thoroughly discredited itself with its ongoing shenanigans that people are willing to believe it’s essentially the root of all evil.
  • We’ve done such a bad job of educating our citizens that most don’t have the critical thinking skills necessary to differentiate the true from the false.
  • Many of us are ennui-crazed and will believe anything we gain a moment of amusement from.

It makes no difference to me if you believe Elvis is still alive or that Jesus is en route. Delusions are healthy. I like to think I’m smart and good-looking. But wasting time on conspiracy theories about 9/11 when the truth is so glaringly obvious? It’s mental masturbation.


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Is America safer?

With the fifth anniverary of the attacks of 9/11, a popular topic among bloggers is “are we safer with five years of the Bush doctrine behind us”. Of course there’s no way of knowing that. The correct question is “do you feel safer”? Well, do you?

Consider the following:

  • The man who instigated 9/11 is alive and well, quite possibly under the protection of our “ally” Pakistan
  • Our buddies the Pakistanis are providing sanctuary for al Qaeda and the Taliban
  • We’ve provided even more F-16 fighting falcons for Pakistan, a nuclear power and one of the most rabidly anti-American nations on earth
  • Our NATO partners are refusing to pony up more troops to counter the re-emergance of the Taliban in Afghanistan
  • Iraq is disintegrating before our very eyes
  • Iran is going nuclear any time now
  • Shia influence is on the rise in the middle east
  • North Korea has gone public with their nuclear program

For some strange reason, I don’t feel especially safe.

Oh, I almost forgot, the Bush administration’s sweetheart deal with a Dubai company to manage our ports. They almost slipped that by us. Who knows what they have gotten by when we were fighting among ourselves and not paying attention? Oh yeah, and there’s the matter of our government’s failure to secure our borders.

Sweet dreams.


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