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Americans can save themselves

All is not well in the Age of Bullshit. The politicians are steadily degrading our way of life. All the while the people fuss about silly issues that tend to be framed in liberal and conservative terms. We the people are distracted. Those that depend on corporations to keep them informed are utterly clueless. Do I think the glass is half empty? Maybe. I just saw nitwits on CNN discussing the CBS Evening News. One old hag’s primary concern with the broadcast was Katie Couric’s choice of clothing and her apparent dependence on notes during interviews. Maybe the glass is completely empty. When those supposedly in-the-know are in fact utterly clueless, and corporations are our de facto governors and gatekeepers, we’ve got problems.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, let me clue you in. Our political system is broken. The politicians and the corporations are, for the most part, operating within the system. Nevertheless our government is completely corrupt. Thomas Sowell wrote these words:

Government is corrupted whenever it is diverted from its avowed purpose and directed toward some other goal, especially goals that conflict with its purpose.

Mr. Sowell is a conservative columnist and I don’t necessarily agree with his politics. There is no denying, however, that he’s a smart guy and fine writer. He spells out the need for term limit(s) in this column. You may not agree with all his ideas, but if you can put your politics aside long enough to read between the lines you’ll realize Sowell is right about term limits. They are our only hope of salvation.

Unfortunately getting the politicians to enact term limits is a practical impossibility. Maybe it can be done without having to refresh the tree of liberty, but I doubt it. There is, however, a much simpler solution than trying to pressure hopelessly corrupt politicians into relinquishing power. We can take the power from them. We the people have the power to impose term limits with our votes. For that to happen, Americans will have to realize that the greatest danger facing this nation is that posed by our leaders, the professional political class. We the people can effectively neuter these monsters by simply voting for challengers as a matter of principle in all elections.

If the majority of voters embraced a policy of voting only for challengers, it would make Democrats and Republicans of us all. The polarized nature of today’s politics would rapidly disappear. With the hope of re-election removed, elected officials could do what was best for the country, knowing that they themselves were going to have to live with the choices they made as soon as their term expired.

UPDATE: Alas, my Thomas Sowell bubble has been burst by a well-educated blogger. chrisfm, in the comments of this post, pointed out to me that the founding fathers were in fact professional politicians, contrary to what Mr. Sowell stated in the column I cited. Damn! Now I’m down another hero. That only leaves Duane Allman and Hef. 11/15/06



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