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Two bags for the hag

She (Bama football) don’t turn heads no more. J. D. Crowe’s latest Bama funny.


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A picture worth a thousand words

J. D. Crowe is the talented editorial cartoonist for the Mobile Press Register. This jewel was in Sunday’s paper and says it all about the state of Bama football. Click over and have a look, if you’ve got the stomach for it.

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Mal Moore must go!

With the Rich Rodriguez debacle, Athletic Director Mal Moore has, once again, embarrassed the University of Alabama. His inability is the stuff of legend. It’s time to put him out to pasture and out of our misery.

Here, in a nutshell, is the case against Mal the Aged.

  • Moore made the call to keep former ‘Bama coach Mike DuBose after he copped to sexually harassing his secretary. He was kept in reward for winning the SEC and in hopes that he’d bring the national title to Tuscaloosa in 2000. When his coaching ability proved commensurate with his character, he was finally fired.
  • Moore hired Mike Price who embarrassed Alabama before he could even coach a game. Apparently Coach Price has/had a drinking problem. Based on his behavior once he came South, it’s hard to believe that half the people in Washington weren’t aware of it. Obviously, however, Mal Moore wasn’t.
  • Moore fired former Crimson Tide quarterback and Alabama coach Mike Shula sometime close to midnight on a Sunday, after letting him swing in the wind for a week. Never mind that Shula is one of the family. Never mind that he came to Alabama when nobody else wanted the job. Never mind that he’s a Shula for Christ’s sake. It was an utterly classless move and indicative of the state of things at Alabama.
  • And now, when coaching prodigy Rich Rodriguez was poised to sign a multi-million dollar deal with the Tide, lose lips at Alabama sank their chance to close the deal. This was Moore’s deal to louse up, and he did. Alabama is again a laughing stock.

As long as Moore is around Alabama, there’s no chance Alabama will be back around the top of the college football world. He’s a disaster plain and simple.

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Rich Rodriguez gets last minute reprieve

Apparently the media in the great state of Alabama were sadly misinformed as to the the depth of Rich Rodriguez’s commitment to the University of Alabama. It’s being widely reported that Coach Rodriguez is staying put in West Virginia.

Yet another coaching search has been badly bungled by the decrepit, obviously incompetent Mal Moore. ‘Bama’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is becoming more legendary than their football heroics from long ago. It’s just pitiful.

No matter who takes the job now, and no one with any name recognition is left to turn the Tide down, this is yet another public relations disaster for the Alabama football program. It’s been years since Alabama was feared. Now they’re just funny.


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Rich Rodriguez is rich!

Well Alabama athletic director Mal Moore got his man. Nope, it’s not Steve Spurrier. It’s not even Nick Saban. It’s Rich Rodriguez of West Virginia, or so WKRG in Mobile is reporting. (Don’t bother checking the web site. Looks like they update it about once a week and it’s only been five days since the last one.)

Coach Rodriguez has built his alma mater, West Virginia University, into a national power. Last year’s Mountaineers systematically destroyed SEC champion Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, which is a pretty good indication that his philosophy and system will indeed work in the SEC.

Whether it’ll work right away, however, is another matter. Part of Rodriguez’s system is based on a highly mobile, option quarterback. Alabama has an up and coming star at quarterback in John Parker Wilson, but he’s not an option quarterback. Whether it’s curtains for John Parker, or Rodriguez’s offensive system, remains to be seen.

Additionally, Rodriguez’s West Virginia team is two deep. That’s part of his philosophy. Alabama figures to be thin for at least another year, if not two, due to scholarship losses that ran from 2003 through 2005.

Hopefully the fan base at Alabama will grasp that it’ll take at least a couple of years to get things rolling under Rodriguez. If they are a little patient, good times may very well be back in Tuscaloosa by the end of the decade.


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Around – 12/6/06

Here are a few more posts I found interesting, amusing, whatever.

Slide by and leave a comment. You don’t have to agree with ’em. It’s just blogging.

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Crimson Tide’s coaching carousel

The circus that is Alabama football is once again a source of amusement, or embarrassment, depending on your point of view. You know the numbers. ‘Bama is on its eighth coach in the past 25 years, its fifth since 2000. It’s just ridiculous.

Coach Mike Shula, brought in to restore credibility and stability to the mess in Tuscaloosa, was unceremoniously dismissed under the cover of darkness, just a few hours shy of midnight last Sunday. It was gutless and shameful, words that haven’t, until now, been associated with Alabama football. Well, shameful maybe, but not gutless. ‘Atta good ole boy, Mal Moore.

So who’s next? The faithful, tripping on crimson-sunshine, foresee Steve Spurrier or Nick Saban riding to the rescue and righting the again-teetering ship. That’s not going to happen though. In fact, it’s a safe bet that the new coach will be someone whose name most don’t recognize.

Will the new man win? Who knows? Mike Shula has left him loaded with talented sophomores and redshirt-freshmen. Another top-10 class was poised to sign with the Tide and Shula next year, but all bets are off now.

At any rate, he’ll have four years to bring the national championship back to Alabama. Won’t happen though, unless he’s the Chosen One. Smart money says ‘Bama winds up on probation again before they play for another title.


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