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Long live rock

There are times when I feel I’m clinging to sanity by the most frayed of threads. Most political seasons turn into these times. Strangely, though, it’s not the endless bs streaming into my mind in the form of political advertisements that’s irritating me. It is commercials, however. Two of them.

Try as I might I can’t seem to escape that bald-headed asshole who is 49, plays in a rock band, and peddles Bowflex. I hate that bastard! My disdain is stoked primarily by the “playing bass in a rock band” line. What in the hell does being a bald-headed muscle-man have to do with being a topless bass player? Is it just me, or is this commercial insulting to everybody who ever played in a rock band, because they could play, and not because they were or weren’t a muscle-man? Shit!

Even more vile is John Mellencamp’s Silverado commercial. Don’t get me wrong, I respect Mellencamp. He’s been a bright spot on the dingy rock and roll scene for almost 30 years now. But Jesus, I can’t stand to hear that freakin’ mindless bullshit tune 12 times in two hours everytime I want to watch some football. Mellencamp should be ashamed. It’s not like he needs the money. (Does he?) He’s pretty much torn his ass with me. I haven’t deleted his MP3s from my iTunes yet, but that day is coming.


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Political commercials on the people’s airwaves

It hasn’t taken long for me to become sick of the commercials this political season. I don’t care for politicians. I think those at the national level should be hanged for treason. All of them. I hold the smaller time models in only slightly higher regard. They should be sent somewhere, China maybe, to be re-educated.

That politicians sell the people out so their rich buddies can make money in the stock market is bad enough. But coming into my house, uninvited, in the form of television commercials, and subjecting me to their bullshit? For the most part, I like commercials. It’s obvious the truly talented are working in advertising, and not writing scripts for the crap passing for entertainment these days. Political commercials, though, are insulting. Degrading. Infuriating. They suck the big one, just like the candidates themselves!

It’s high time the American people did whatever it takes to rid the airwaves of the political bullshit sold to the simple in the form of campaign commercials. They are a detriment to something, if only my fragile peace of mind. We the people own the airwaves. We need to do away with this bullshit, even if it means amending the constitution. Should hunting the politicians down and killing them prove more practical, that option should be pursued.


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