You may not like it. You may not even believe it. Nevertheless, you are living in the Age of Bullshit. Unless you inhabit a deprived environment, you are bombarded with crap from the time you wake up in the morning until you crash at night. It’s just the world we live in.

For me, bullshit is synonymous with information, or at least information overload. Commercials, print ads, spam, home pages, and the likes are the bullshit. It’s the antics of politicians, from the president down to the school board. It’s the shenanigans of our families, friends, and neighbors, from their boom-booms to their propensity to prey on us in the name of business.

There is no escape. Unless you get rid of your television, cut off your Internet connection, and take the fuse from your car’s radio, your mind is inundated with bullshit all day every day. Then there’s the crap you have to choke down just to make a living in the Age of Bullshit.

For the record, blogs are symptomatic of the Age of Bullshit. Nitwits with too much time and too little talent thinking that maybe somebody outside their sphere gives a damn what they think, or worse, who they did last night, are all too abundant in the blogosphere. Still, somebody has to chronicle the Age of Bullshit, and while this is far from a vocation, or even a halfway serious avocation, it is a hobby. Check here periodically for one perspective on the Age of Bullshit.


6 responses to “About

  1. Ben Dover

    This whole blog is bullshit. In fact, YOU are bullshit

  2. J

    Ben Dover – You, whoever you really are, are chickenshit.

  3. I rather liked Futurama’s term for our society. “The Stupid Ages”.

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  5. bho

    Yes, I do agreed we are living in the age of bullshit, I definitely will check in periodically…

  6. […] J of Age of BS wrote about using music to get rid of unwanted guests. Of course by the time you need such tricks they’re already inside. Driving them off may work, but it’s a less than perfect approach. […]

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