Out with the old

In the beginning I thought blogging on bullshit would be fun. For the most part it was. Still, I’ve gotten sick of it. Puking sick.

Maybe it’s too easy. I doubt that’s it, because I’m lazy, and easy is right up my alley. Politicians and celebrities provide endless fodder for smart-ass posts. It’s gotten old though, and fast.

It’s time for a change. My blogging show is moving to Outskirts of Reality. It’s in the neighborhood, right here on WordPress.com. Hopefully it’ll be different. Different from Age of BS and different from other blogs. It’ll be more personal by design.

Politics, and the news in general, while not off limits, are way down on the list of things I’ll focus on. The reason is simple — I don’t know (what the answers are). Today I feel it’s a waste of time to post on, or even attempt to keep up with, what the mainstream media deems newsworthy.

Plan A is to get back to frying my fish. It’ll be bits of my past and present stinking up the grease at Outskirts. If you’re hungry, drop by for a bite. Hopefully I’ll serve up something tasty from time to time.



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3 responses to “Out with the old

  1. Hey J! HNY. Interesting twist – I think I’ll check it out. Do you plan to shut down age of bs? Or are you going to be a multi-blogger?

  2. J

    writerchick – I think this one is done. I’ll leave it up, at least for a while, but the future, such as it is, is over at Outskirts. Bye-bye …

  3. Well, so sorry to see you go. You had a good run!

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