Slimeball wars; Rosie vs. Donald

There was something surreal about one of America’s greatest philanderers coming to the defense of Miss America, one of America’s most philanderable females. The treatment experience is apt to tighten Tara Conner up, albeit temporarily. She owes the Donald one and I’m betting he’ll be tightening her up sooner than later, possibly on a visit to the nuthouse.

This doesn’t sit well with the ugly and awful Rosie O’Donnell. As if everybody wasn’t already aware of it, Rosie felt compelled to comment on the irony of the Donald counseling a beautiful young woman on character/moral matters. Apparently the irony of her nasty self commenting on the trials and tribulations of a beautiful young woman is lost on Rosie.

In a perfect world we wouldn’t have people like Rosie and Donald. In such a world, beautiful young women wouldn’t have to worry about waking up with their underwear on backwards, should they accept a beverage from the likes of either. We don’t live in a perfect world though, and what fun would it be if we did?



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4 responses to “Slimeball wars; Rosie vs. Donald

  1. Hey J,
    From what I understand – the donald has a vested interest since he owns the Miss America franchise. Rosie’s excuse? She’s just a bitter, angry woman who constantly seeks out anything that will make her more bitter and angry.

    Although for me the bottom line is: who the heck needs either one of these two? Neither of them lives in the real world – so what they think truly doesn’t mean squat to me.

  2. J

    writerchick – I wouldn’t admit it to anyone else, but I actually caught the press conference with Don and Tara. It was pretty bizarre. Then to have the two camera whores clamoring for attention via their little feud, it was just too good (bad) to pass up, and indicative of the age of bs. The only one I hold out any hope for is Tara. Even if she winds up walking the streets as a crack-whore, she’ll still be a princess compared to Don and Rose.

  3. J- you’re probably right but screw em. Have a merry Christmas.

  4. Are you kidding me? Trump for President!

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