No blissful leaders!

Apparently incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Silvestre Reyes, isn’t up on who’s who in the world of terrorism. I realize congressmen spend most of their time soliciting, dining and getting drunk in Washington’s ultra-overpriced bars and restaurants, golfing with their rich buddies, and having sex with the attractive young people on their staffs. Maybe, though, Reyes could take, say 15 minutes a day or so, to read the newspapers, now that he has his hands on the reigns. We overlooked Bush being an ignoramus, and to our peril. Reyes needs to get with the program or just get.



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8 responses to “No blissful leaders!

  1. Pink Slip

    Yeah, really disappointing…

  2. Yeah, I just read about this. Cripes, these folks don’t even know what the fighting is about and who is who – no wonder they think the war is a criminal justice matter. What idiots.

  3. Not surprising. But dissapointing.

  4. Hey J,
    where you been? taking a few days for the holidays? miss your sharp wit.

  5. J

    writerchick – No excuse. Just uninspired, lazy, and otherwise engaged with my remote and Sudoku puzzles. Thanks for noticing though. Hope things are looking up for you where the holidays are concerned. Hope things are looking up, way up, for us both in ’07. Merry Chistmas!

  6. Ah, so you’re into the Sudoku too, huh? Nice.

  7. J

    Dmitri – I’m a master time waster. Nothing kills a few minutes, or hours, like Sudoku. Peace.

  8. Same to you J – Merry Christmas and here’s to a fabulous 2007. At least we’ll have lots of stuff to bitch about politics wise, eh?

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