Michael Crichton’s war on bs

Science fascinates me. Not real science like goes on in a lab. More the kind you might catch on PBS’s Nova. I tend to interpret the world symbolically so I’m not much good at the practical. Additionally, I’m mathematically challenged, and like all math challenged people, I’m locked out of the world of the hard sciences almost completely.

I like Michael Crichton. His books don’t do anything for me. Neither do his movies or television shows. Periodically, though, I’ll catch him on Book tv or elsewhere on cable, and I always enjoy his talks. Yes, he’s supercilious and a little weird. He’s wry, though, and I like that.

Crichton seems to hate bullshit even more than I do. He calls clowns — be they scientist, journalist, or congressman — on their crap and that’s pretty damn cool. He doesn’t have to do it. He just does. He graduated from Harvard Medical School so he has the background to digest real science. Additionally, I tend to trust him because he’s already rich and doesn’t have any reason to manipulate me. (Unlike, say, someone who is jockeying for grant money or running for office.)

Anyway, if you hate bullshit and are frequently bored, make an effort to catch Crichton on cable sometime. Better yet, click over to his site and read a couple of his speeches. “Aliens Cause Global Warming” is pretty good.



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3 responses to “Michael Crichton’s war on bs

  1. You know, I like some of his books. And he’s a good looking guy – but he is kind of an odd duck. I’ve seen him in some interviews that left me scratching my head. Of course, maybe I’m just not brilliant enough…could totally be true.

  2. Pink Slip

    Just because he has a medical degree, I wouldn’t necessarily trust his views on global warming

  3. Pink, I actually have his book that deals with global warming – it is compelling. Also, I did see him interviewed about this particular book and he said that after his research his book went in a completely different direction than he expected. His research he says bore out the view and lean of the book.

    It is well known that he is meticulous about his research and has spent up to two years researching for books. Much more than I would spend – but anyway, that’s the data I’ve read.

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