Rich Rodriguez gets last minute reprieve

Apparently the media in the great state of Alabama were sadly misinformed as to the the depth of Rich Rodriguez’s commitment to the University of Alabama. It’s being widely reported that Coach Rodriguez is staying put in West Virginia.

Yet another coaching search has been badly bungled by the decrepit, obviously incompetent Mal Moore. ‘Bama’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is becoming more legendary than their football heroics from long ago. It’s just pitiful.

No matter who takes the job now, and no one with any name recognition is left to turn the Tide down, this is yet another public relations disaster for the Alabama football program. It’s been years since Alabama was feared. Now they’re just funny.



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5 responses to “Rich Rodriguez gets last minute reprieve

  1. J-

    I appreciate your cool-headed commentary on Shannon’s blog. It seems so difficult to have a calm discussion about sports anymore. I really do hate that the WVU/UA thing went down like it did. We had issues like that last year when NCSU was looking for a b-ball coach and got used to up a coach’s current contract money. It stings, but you move on.

    I’m not totally familiar with all the ins and outs of UA football lately (sanctions etc.), but I hope they can turn it around and clean it up…and return to the glory days.

    Man, I love SEC football and I look forward to UA’s resurgence.

  2. J

    toddzilla – Thanks buddy. Shannon seems very level headed and decent; a true fan. I like your blog too. I still don’t get the Janet Reno thing, but I have figured out your avatar says “blog” ;^/

  3. Well well well, the man who says he wants his players to bleed blue and gold really does bleed blue and gold.

    Ever since the night before the Rutgers game I have been griping over the possible loss. I am glad Coach stayed. This is going to go a long way in this state.

    Many local stations led the news around here with the rumor of his departure. Thankfully Dave Hickman of the Charleston Gazette kept his head on straight and his line to Coach open. Alot of news outlets look like shmucks today. Including southernsportstonight, Fox6 in Alabama, WCHS, Blue and Gold news, you know who you are.

    I wanna believe that this latest report is 100% accurate. We will find out in about 2 hours.

    So where did the money come from. When the basketball team spanked NCSU in Charleston the Charleston money makers made sure they expressed their desire to have him stay. I figure names such as Puskar, Walker, and a list of WVU law school graduates said lets get this done.

    So now maybe we can hire a real QB’s coach, upgrade the study center, the media center, and lets raise the roof on the indoor facility. Bottom line Coach has put us with in reach of a national championship several times.

    Lets go Mountaineers.

  4. Shannon


    You’re a cool poster. Drop by the blog anytime you so wish.

    This was a bad situation all around and I think everyone is going to take tonight to recover. For Alabama, you have to get someone in there quick before the bowl game, but that means firing Moore. He can’t do the job. For WVU, it means getting ready for Georgia Tech. It will be interesting to see how both programs respond from this.

    Alabama will get their coach, who is on the list now?, it just may not be the big name they had hoped for when it started.

    Todd’s right, this is reminding me a lot of the NCSU basketball search earlier this year where State continued to swing for the fenses and missed on Calapari, Steve Levin, WVU’s John Beilein, before hiring Sydney Lowe.

  5. J

    Shannon – Right back at you. WVU should be in super shape for ’07 and on everybody’s short list to win it all. If the Tide or Tigers can’t do it, I’ll have to pull for you and home boy Pat White to take the prize next year. Good luck in the Gator Bowl and beyond.

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