Mal Moore must go!

With the Rich Rodriguez debacle, Athletic Director Mal Moore has, once again, embarrassed the University of Alabama. His inability is the stuff of legend. It’s time to put him out to pasture and out of our misery.

Here, in a nutshell, is the case against Mal the Aged.

  • Moore made the call to keep former ‘Bama coach Mike DuBose after he copped to sexually harassing his secretary. He was kept in reward for winning the SEC and in hopes that he’d bring the national title to Tuscaloosa in 2000. When his coaching ability proved commensurate with his character, he was finally fired.
  • Moore hired Mike Price who embarrassed Alabama before he could even coach a game. Apparently Coach Price has/had a drinking problem. Based on his behavior once he came South, it’s hard to believe that half the people in Washington weren’t aware of it. Obviously, however, Mal Moore wasn’t.
  • Moore fired former Crimson Tide quarterback and Alabama coach Mike Shula sometime close to midnight on a Sunday, after letting him swing in the wind for a week. Never mind that Shula is one of the family. Never mind that he came to Alabama when nobody else wanted the job. Never mind that he’s a Shula for Christ’s sake. It was an utterly classless move and indicative of the state of things at Alabama.
  • And now, when coaching prodigy Rich Rodriguez was poised to sign a multi-million dollar deal with the Tide, lose lips at Alabama sank their chance to close the deal. This was Moore’s deal to louse up, and he did. Alabama is again a laughing stock.

As long as Moore is around Alabama, there’s no chance Alabama will be back around the top of the college football world. He’s a disaster plain and simple.


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  1. Shannon

    That should’ve been the first call by the school’s president to fire Moore.

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