Rich Rodriguez is rich!

Well Alabama athletic director Mal Moore got his man. Nope, it’s not Steve Spurrier. It’s not even Nick Saban. It’s Rich Rodriguez of West Virginia, or so WKRG in Mobile is reporting. (Don’t bother checking the web site. Looks like they update it about once a week and it’s only been five days since the last one.)

Coach Rodriguez has built his alma mater, West Virginia University, into a national power. Last year’s Mountaineers systematically destroyed SEC champion Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, which is a pretty good indication that his philosophy and system will indeed work in the SEC.

Whether it’ll work right away, however, is another matter. Part of Rodriguez’s system is based on a highly mobile, option quarterback. Alabama has an up and coming star at quarterback in John Parker Wilson, but he’s not an option quarterback. Whether it’s curtains for John Parker, or Rodriguez’s offensive system, remains to be seen.

Additionally, Rodriguez’s West Virginia team is two deep. That’s part of his philosophy. Alabama figures to be thin for at least another year, if not two, due to scholarship losses that ran from 2003 through 2005.

Hopefully the fan base at Alabama will grasp that it’ll take at least a couple of years to get things rolling under Rodriguez. If they are a little patient, good times may very well be back in Tuscaloosa by the end of the decade.



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3 responses to “Rich Rodriguez is rich!

  1. Shannon

    The Alabama fan base needs to look at Rodriguez’s first year WVU. West Virginia was 3-8. He put in the spread offense from the start with Brad Lewis as his quarterback.

    Lewis had won the Music City Bowl the previous year and was a fairly decent quarterback out of the West Coast-style offense that Don Nehlen ran for so many years at WVU. However, he was not a good fit for the speed up, fast paced offense that Rodriguez wanted to run.

    When he got injured, Rasheed Marshall came in and made a lot of mistakes.

    Now granted Rodriguez eventually got his players and you see what WVU has turned into now. If Alabama’s fan will give him a chance, he could do something as he has shown he can beat the SEC. But, if he loses to Auburn this year, I’m wondering how short the rope will be.

    Patience is what is needed. Both at Alabama and now at WVU.

  2. The SEC is known to be brutally impatient when it comes to success, but hopefully they will give him some time to settle in and get things rolling!

  3. J

    I’m a little concerned about the spread working in the SEC. Obviously it’ll work against SEC teams that aren’t used to seeing it. But keeping a quarterback healthy down here is tough enough without him taking extra shots every game running the ball.

    That said I’m delighted to get Rich. I think in another two or three years ‘Bama can be ready to compete, on a more or less equal footing, with the big boys again. That Rodriguez was able to bring all those kids to WVU tells me he’s got an eye for talent and the ability to close the deal. Still, if he hasn’t beaten Auburn twice and won a conference championship after the ’09 season, there will be lots of the faithful calling for his head. It’s a mighty tall order for any coach.

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