Crimson Tide’s coaching carousel

The circus that is Alabama football is once again a source of amusement, or embarrassment, depending on your point of view. You know the numbers. ‘Bama is on its eighth coach in the past 25 years, its fifth since 2000. It’s just ridiculous.

Coach Mike Shula, brought in to restore credibility and stability to the mess in Tuscaloosa, was unceremoniously dismissed under the cover of darkness, just a few hours shy of midnight last Sunday. It was gutless and shameful, words that haven’t, until now, been associated with Alabama football. Well, shameful maybe, but not gutless. ‘Atta good ole boy, Mal Moore.

So who’s next? The faithful, tripping on crimson-sunshine, foresee Steve Spurrier or Nick Saban riding to the rescue and righting the again-teetering ship. That’s not going to happen though. In fact, it’s a safe bet that the new coach will be someone whose name most don’t recognize.

Will the new man win? Who knows? Mike Shula has left him loaded with talented sophomores and redshirt-freshmen. Another top-10 class was poised to sign with the Tide and Shula next year, but all bets are off now.

At any rate, he’ll have four years to bring the national championship back to Alabama. Won’t happen though, unless he’s the Chosen One. Smart money says ‘Bama winds up on probation again before they play for another title.



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2 responses to “Crimson Tide’s coaching carousel

  1. Shannon

    I wonder what Shula would’ve been able to do with one more year. Shula didn’t come into the best of situations and even though this was a down year for the Tide, I still think he was making the turn for the better.

    Then again, it didn’t help Shula that he never had college coaching experience.

  2. J

    Shannon – I think Shula would have been able to turn it around in another year or two. I don’t think, however, that he’s a coach of RR’s caliber. He might be one day, but certainly not yet. (He’s got the genes for it!) Anyway, it’s RR’s headache now. I think he’s up to it, but he’ll earn every penny of his fat checks because he’ll have to deal with the most unrealistic fans and boosters in the country. BTW, I posted on the hire with Rich Rodriguez is rich!

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