Censorship 101: Polonium 210

If you need to shut somebody up, and duct tape is too short-term, consider Polonium 210. What is Polonium 210? Click over to A Quantum Diaries Survivor for the nasty facts.



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5 responses to “Censorship 101: Polonium 210

  1. lightcontrast

    I went to the link and only a nanogram can be lethal? Wow…anyone he met with or any place he went, could have a few nanograms if not more.

  2. J

    light – Luckily you have to breathe it or eat it for it to get you. Hard to imagine, at least for me, why the killer chose such an exotic weapon. “Random act of violence” would make more sense, unless you were trying to send a message.

  3. lightcontrast


    I agree. There are only so many people who can get access to this stuff and I imagine that that reduces the number of suspects greatly. It looks very suspicious, I think they wanted him to suffer. This could be a message to scare other people who oppose the government.


  4. flirtydancing

    Funny post!

    (Reply: Truth! Far too many are. Most. )

  5. I heard that just a single partical can make you sick. I suppose this is what terrorist would use to make a dirty bomb?

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