Chuck Hagel on Iraq

As a matter of policy, I don’t link to online newspapers. Those links turn to broken links, usually in about two weeks. Nevertheless, I’ve made an exception. Go forth and read Senator Chuck Hagel’s (R – Nebraska) letter to WAPO.

Could Chuck be presidential timber?

(Hat-tip to The Lady Speaks)



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7 responses to “Chuck Hagel on Iraq

  1. lightcontrast

    That editorial is definitely worthy of the exception. I like how there’s no question as to what he means, you don’t have to read between the lines. “Honorable intentions” don’t matter now, it’s what we do next that is most important.

    If he was running for President, I’d consider voting for him. But the question is, would he run for office?

  2. J

    light – Hagel’s letter sure sounds like he’s contemplating a run. I don’t know anything at all about him. He wouldn’t have to be too strong to outclass the jokers the GOP has lined up so far.

  3. I’ll vote for Chuck for president when hell freezes over. Can’t stand the RINO.

    However, HUSKERS rock šŸ™‚

  4. Interesting. Hagel is a bit of a rino – he tries to sound tough but really subscribes to the Democrat way of thinking.

    It clearly sounds like he’s going for that presidential wisdom thing. Unfortunately, for me, the guy is just slinging platitudes.

    Perhaps my view on this issue is too simplistic but my view still remains that of the bully on the block. And it seems to me that there are very few nations who are willing to stand up to the bully. The U.S. being one of the few.

    It’s easy to complain about the money spent and draw analogies to Vietnam – but if in fact fanatic Muslims plan to convert or kill in their effort to take over the planet is money in the greater scheme of things really an issue? Wouldn’t the issue really be surviving or succumbing?

    When your enemy only believes in, respects and understands force, can diplomacy bring about any real resolutions? I think not.

    Personally, I think the real problem is nobody really has the balls to kick ass and take names – which in my opinion is the solution.

    Also, I have to wonder if these pc jerks were around after world war II would they have been saying the same thing about Japan and Germany? Probably. Would that have worked? I don’t think so. But maybe I’m just a cave woman out of step with the times.

  5. J

    writerchick – “Personally, I think the real problem is nobody really has the balls to kick ass and take names – which in my opinion is the solution.”

    I hear ya. But until set of said balls can be grown, why trifle with the bastards? They will, sooner than later, provide us another excuse to exterminate them en mass. Maybe we’ll take them up on it next time.

  6. Well J, I’m afraid we may get the opportunity to do just that in the not to distant future. So somebody better be prepared to grow a big set – either that or check with the chia pet people to see if they have a grow overnight set somebody can borrow.

  7. J

    writerchick and wytammic – Chuck’s letter created no buzz in the media and almost none in the blogosphere. Based on that and y’all’s comments, I realize he’s not presidential material, unless it’s vice presidential material, possibly on the Obama ticket. He writes a good letter though.

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