Alabama media fixated on Mike Shula

Alabama’s sports media is fixated on Mike Shula. Sports, page one, in today’s Mobile Press Register featured one story about Shula’s buyout clause, and another screed by flaccid Paul Finebaum.

The rag did note that embattled Miami Hurricane coach Larry Coker had been canned. It didn’t mention, however, that this is potentially the biggest football story in the state, in as much as Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville might figure prominently in Miami’s coaching search.

Tuberville spent nearly a decade as an assistant at Miami. He’s also much higher profile than any of the candidates for the Miami job mentioned in the Press Register article. That’s not to say he’s a candidate. I don’t know. I would think, short of a Spurrier, Tressel, or Carroll, Tuberville would be on any short-list of schools serious about winning. (Of course Tressel and Carroll aren’t going anywhere. They are  benchmarks.) Auburn, while a great job, isn’t Miami. There’s more football talent coming out of south Florida than anywhere else in the country.

Nary a word about the Miami-Tuberville connection in the Mobile paper though. The semi-literate writers working there are on jihad against Alabama coach Mike Shula, and when you’re at war, little things like the status of the coach of the state’s premier college football team aren’t on your radar.


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