Redneck-jihad against Mike Shula escalates

Radio host, columnist, and Tennessee alum Paul Finebaum continues to lead the redneck-jihad for the job of Mike Shula. Finebaum blithely ignores the main fact concerning Alabama’s mediocre showing this year; that Alabama doesn’t have enough good football players to compete in the most competitive conference in the country. Nope, Finebaum’s screeds are devoid of any facts, save stats pointing out that Alabama isn’t very good, a point most fans are aware of, and that doesn’t surprise the knowledgeable in the least.

Finebaum’s disdain for Coach Shula is obviously personal. Whether it’s because Shula doesn’t want to be his pal, or doesn’t trust him because he’s a UT alum, is anybody’s guess. I find it odd that a UT alum is as immersed in Alabama football as Finebaum is, but ‘Bama is known for football, and not for brains.

Now, thanks to win-at all-costs folks like Finebaum, Alabama is as famous for cheating as for winning championships. Coach Shula, whatever else he may be, is a man of integrity that won’t condone that sort of bullshit on his watch. Could that be part of Paul Finebaum’s problem with Mike Shula?

Let me break it down for the rednecks and inbreds that make up the “fire Shula” camp. The crimson jerseys aren’t magical. If there aren’t enough high-quality, scholarship athletes filling the crimson jerseys, the Crimson Tide isn’t going to be successful. Alabama is down 21, count them, 21, scholarship athletes. That means that 21 of the crimson jerseys are filled with sub-standard football players.

If you’re mathematically challenged, and big numbers like 21 trouble you, think of it in different terms. If Alabama had two or three more quality offensive lineman, a couple more quality defensive lineman, another good back, an additional quality receiver, and a few more good athletes on defense, do you think they’d have gone six and six this year? Of course not. Do you think they’d be down 21 athletes if part of the fan base wasn’t comprised of out of control, win-at-all-costs fans? Of course not.

When, not if, Alabama is caught cheating again, it’ll mean the death penalty for one of college football’s most storied programs. It won’t happen on Coach Shula’s watch. But fire Shula now and replace him with anyone of less stature than a Steve Spurrier, and it’ll happen soon thereafter. The win-at-all-cost mindset will have prevailed. Auburn will then be the dominant football power in the state for the rest of the century, instead of the century’s first decade.



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18 responses to “Redneck-jihad against Mike Shula escalates

  1. I’ve got a few real good reasons why Finbaum (and a lot of other people) want Shula fired:

    0-4 vs. the biggest rival

    1-7 vs. the two biggest rivals

    1-11 vs. the three biggest rivals

    2-14 vs. the four biggest rivals.

    Losses to MSU, N. Illinois, Minnesota, Hawaii.

  2. J

    Talmadge East – “Finebaum’s screeds are devoid of any facts, save stats pointing out that Alabama isn’t very good, a point most fans are aware of, and that don’t surprise the knowledgeable in the least.”

    What did you think was going to happen when the NCAA penalties were handed down? Did you think, with the right coach, ‘Bama would compete for the SEC, and maybe even national championships, in the five or six subsequent seasons? Why do you think nobody but a guy with a drinking problem and poor Shula wanted the job?

    You don’t have a chance to beat Auburn, Tennessee, and LSU unless you are loaded with good football players. The playing field isn’t level, and it won’t be for at least two more years, no matter who is at the helm in T-town.

  3. usbbroker


  4. James

    Alabama is that close to being great. With a coach, Bama would be back. If Arkansas is supposed to be so great, which I feel they are, how did Alabama with no athletes almost beat them and should have if someone named Shula could coach. Genius you are not. Bama has talent all over the field, and that comes from this outsider.

  5. James

    One more thing. I have a genius IQ, have degrees, and I’m from Alabama, whether I have an allegiance to the team or none. So, careful with this “redneck-jihad” term you are using. Some of the most genuine people I have ever come across are from Alabama. I hope to return home soon. I have been to many other countries, and 37 states in the US, and there are no better people than Alabama people. There are many great people around at all places, bad people too, just as in any place, but the reason Alabama football means so much to people, is because Alabama people have passion. So shut the fuck up.

  6. J

    James – ‘Bama has talent. Just not enough talent. It’s called depth, or the lack thereof. Perhaps you’re an idiot savant, not a genius, and your talent is in areas other than math and language. Had your mama been able to outrun your granddaddy, your genius might be more well-rounded.

  7. Pink Slip

    I don’t follow ‘Bama football, living in Ohio. But if those records against their rivals above are accurate, I would say there’s your answer. It was like that when John Cooper was coaching the Buckeyes up here. They were 2-10-1 against Michigan under his watch. So he had to go. Now, Tressel is 5-1 against them and playing for his second national championship.

  8. J

    Pink – Since Shula took over, the Tide has been dismal against top-tier talent. It’s a moot point, but to me the record is only indicative of ‘Bama’s lack of depth due to NCAA sanctions, not Shula’s coaching ability. I don’t believe an accurate appraisal of his coaching ability is possible to date. In effect, he’s been coaching “with one arm tied behind his back”.
    Tressel may the best coach in the country. If he’d lost 21 scholarship players over his first three years at the helm, though, how do you think he’d have fared against the Wolverines?
    It’s a done deal now though, or at least it better be. Too much damage has been done to Shula for him to recover and recruit and lead effectively. I just hope someone with the stature of a Tressel is waiting in the wings. Even if there is, the next couple of years are apt to be disappointing due to the lack of depth from the penalties.

  9. Pink Slip

    Yeah I really didn’t take into account the NCAA sanctions. They would have a hard time competing in the SEC which any coach under those conditions. When do the sanctions get lifted?

  10. J

    Pink – This season is the first one they’ve had a full compliment of incoming players since 2002. It was a top-10 class in terms of blue-chippers. Predictably this season was the low water mark, bad pun intended. They just don’t have enough juniors and seniors, or for that matter sophmores.

    Anyway, it’s spilt milk now. Shula has been destroyed in the media down here. All ‘Bama can do is put him out of his misery and try and pick up the pieces. By 2009, with a solid coach and some stability, they should be back in contention.

  11. Jonathan

    Quit drinking the shulaid!

    Shula is dead in the water and has been 1 of the worst coaches Alabama has had in the last 25 years.

  12. Marsue

    The only press that is bad-mouthing Mike Shula is Finebaum and some of his Alabama associates. The national press is saying that he took over a mess and that 56% of his scholarship players are either freshmen or redshirt freshman. GIVE HIM A CHANCE. Their record was good last year with a senior quarterback. John Parker has done a great job this year–but he is a sophomore. Think what he and some of the other players can do with Shula as their coach and another year of experience.

  13. Auburn Rules

    Way to go Auburn man…. how many times has auburn been on probation. Let’s see……. more than any other shool in the SEC. War Eagle

  14. joe

    I’m sure Auburn would like Shula to say on. But, let me ask this, if Bama truly doesn’t have the athletes, who’s been doing the recruting the last few years? That’s half the job, isn’t it. Frankly, I think it’s just the opposite. Bama’s had solid recruiting classes and isn’t getting it done offensively on the field. Brodie Croyle was a 3rd round NFL draft pick! How is it Kines consistently gets the defense to play so well if the players suck? Answer, they don’t! And how is it that David Cutcliffe has the Vols 2nd in the conference in scoring after they struggled so badlly to score last year. It’s largely with the same players. Has it not occured to anyone that Tampa Bay always had a defense good enough to win it all the offense lagged? Mike, thanks for holding the wheel, but it’s time to move over, take your money, and bow out gracefully. We love you, dude.

  15. RE: Auburn Rules

    If Auburn rules as you say, then win a national championship. That is the standard here, quit pussing out when you have the chance to put one away.

  16. Chris S

    You can try to blame Mike Shula all you want, and I was willing to give him one more year. god knows the last this this program needs is more instability to drive away all the good recruits, not to mention the loss of so many scholorships….

    Nobody seems to blame Mal Moore, since he is the common denominator in the last 4 coaches failing.. Want to blame someone, start with the guys who got us in trouble with sanctions in the first place, then take Moore away for good measure.

    Shula will be a good coach, he has talent, but even Rembrant can’t use crap to paint a masterpiece…

    Good Luck to Mike, Sorry it didn’t work out..

  17. Mal Moore is and will continue to be the problem, along with Paul Bryant, jr. It’s called promoting someone to a level of incompetence. Every Mikey hiring was a bad decision. Finbaum is an idiot just looking for ratings.

  18. Bobby

    I’ve been reading a few of the comments and they are very interesting. I must say that the reason for getting rid of Shula is not whether or not he is a nice guy, or whether he deserves a “another” year, but it’s the fact that his record is bad and getting worse. He is 0-20 when trailing after the third quarter. C’mon, even the skinniest dog gets a bone evry now and then. His record against SEC competition is awful. The only winning records against SEC teams is Vandy, MSU, and UK. After getting beat by MSU, he starts his interview with, “Well, we got the field goal on our first drive and I hoped we would have enough to maintain the lead…..” . If you noticed, the only people wanting Shula to stay are the competitors, and the people who really don’t know anything about SEC football. These same people are the ones who cried about Curry leaving. Shula did UA proud, but he’s not an SEC caliber head coach. Maybe Auburn can get him after Tubby lies to them and heads for greener pastures.

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