9/11 conspiracy theories are bs

Is the US government covering up the truth about the 9/11 attacks? Worse, was the government somehow involved? A large number of otherwise-sane citizens think so.

I’m a product of the times I live in, namely, the Age of Bullshit. As a result I’m naturally suspicious. Nevertheless, I haven’t seen or heard one thing that causes me to believe there’s more to the 9/11 tragedy than immediately meets the eye. The attacks were orchestrated and carried out by Muslim religious fanatics. End of story.

Why do so many people buy into senseless bullshit like conspiracy theories? Isn’t the sad state of affairs that is reality bad enough for them? I don’t know, but I have three possible reasons for people believing the unbelievable.

  • Our government has so thoroughly discredited itself with its ongoing shenanigans that people are willing to believe it’s essentially the root of all evil.
  • We’ve done such a bad job of educating our citizens that most don’t have the critical thinking skills necessary to differentiate the true from the false.
  • Many of us are ennui-crazed and will believe anything we gain a moment of amusement from.

It makes no difference to me if you believe Elvis is still alive or that Jesus is en route. Delusions are healthy. I like to think I’m smart and good-looking. But wasting time on conspiracy theories about 9/11 when the truth is so glaringly obvious? It’s mental masturbation.



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  1. The 9/11 conspiracies are weird. Seriously, the towers were made with a different structure than most buildings, planes flew into them, the fuel started fires, and, completely unsurprisingly, the towers fell down. I don’t know why people are so convinced the government did it. Besides, why would the US government fly a plane into the Pentagon?

  2. J

    Agent KGB – I don’t put anything past politicians. But for Christ’s sake we know what happened on 9/11! In hindsight it’s easy to think we should have done more to prevent it, just like we’ll all think next time they his us where we aren’t expecting it. But we know who did it and why. Al Qaida did it because they hate us!

  3. It is utterly ridiculous. Let’s put aside the fact that there is hours of television footage of the thing actually happening, plus hundreds of eye witnesses.

    To believe the government committed this horrendous act you also have to believe that 1) the huge ‘bombs’ that would have been required to blow up the tower, just weren’t noticed by people who worked in the building. 2) that the government talked a bunch of Arab young men into highjacking planes, killing pilots and then committing suicide in their behalf so America could have justification to go kick ass in Afghanistan and Iraq 3) Bin Laden agreed to take credit for this act perpetrated by the U. S. Government so he could become hated and reviled by the entire western world (because why?) 4) that it somehow behooves the government to knock out the largest financial center in the united states, the headquarters of federal government and the heartbeat of the armed forces. Oh yeah, how so? I mean if it’s all about oil and making war then why would they bomb themselves and the military?

    I think largely that people believe this kind of b/s because it somehow aligns with their core beliefs (all war is bad, we are arrogant and have too much as Americans, a personal self loathing and a repugnance for fellow Americans) If you proved to them that not only are their conspiracy theories complete b/s and therefore so are they – I think there’d be a lot of heads exploding.

    Though, I’m sure some enterprising capitalist could make a killing in tin foil hats – especially if they were fashionable and Julia Roberts endorsed them.


  4. J

    writerchick – It’s a growth industry. (9/11 conspiracy stuff, not so much the tinfoil hats.) There a scores of books available on moonbat sites, which must mean somebody is buying them. I guess it takes all kinds.

  5. Yes, the 9-11 theories are BS. There’s always folks who want to believe the most outlandish theories, the Moon Landing “hoax,” The Bermuda triangle, Cattle mutilations…you name it someone believes it. And someone else is cashing in on it and laughing all the way to the bank.

    Al Qaeda went to war with the US because the US was profaning sacred Saudi soil, hatred had nothing to do with it. The “they hate us” schtick is effective propaganda that allows Bush to ignore the consequences of his own sophmoric foreign policy.

    To me the saddest thing about 911 conspriacy theories is that they muddy the real consiracy, to use what was a crime to hijack American foreign policy and base it on a web of self serving lies. By treating 911 as an act of war, we have given undreamed of legitimacy to a nut hiding in a cave.


  6. J

    Doug – Americans on the Saudi peninsula were the impetus for the hatred. The hatred, though, is self-evident.

    Act of war or crime? To me, it’s semantics. When 3,000 people are murdered, it’s an act of hatred, and one that calls for a response.

    The minutia of foreign policy is way outside my area. I believe the simplest answers are usually the correct ones. I don’t think the “war on terror” is a conspiracy. Just some power drunk, oppurtunistic politicians with an extremely flawed understanding of how the world works making disastrous decisions. And, obviously, that’s plenty bad enough.

    I’ve drifted way off topic. It’s my blog, though, so I think I’ll let me slide.

  7. What do you guys think about the number 7 WTC building collapsing? This building was never hit by anything more than debris, and yet it collapsed swiftly and completely.

    I find the footage of its fall utterly arresting. Do a video search of ‘7 World Trade Center’ and see for yourself. How is it possible?

  8. J

    joe – I’m not an engineer but that the engineering community isn’t concerned enough to be all over the web, on television, etc., tells me that they don’t find the event especially mysterious. Are they all in on it?

    That’s one of the big problems with most conspiracy theories; the number of people that would have to be kept quiet. If more than one person knows about something, it doesn’t usually stay secret very long.

  9. WTC7 was badly damaged in the collapse of buildings 1 and 2, and then fire burned in in unfought for 7 hours. A combination of these two easily accounts for WTC7’s collapse. All of which is irrelevant because I agree with J, a conspiracy this size and complexity would unravel sooner or later, usually sooner. 911 conspiracists are basically claiming that people who can’t even organise a state visit by a foreign leader without major screw-ups somehow pulled off the most wide ranging and complex conspiracy in history? 911 is a testament to the incompetance and corruption that riddles the US defense establishment, not a sign of super human conspirators hiding in the shadows.


  10. bluto

    One of the main reasons why this country remains in the power of Bush and Cheney is the gatekeeper phenomenon. you have tried to deceive the public with total lies. All of the so-called hijackers are alive and well.

    Lets face it, a building just doesn’t fall like that and steel melts at a higher temperature than you get from burning jet fuel. I’m sick of all this stuff about girders losing their structural integrity which is what the government liars are trying to tell us, for a building to just fall like that the steel would have to be completely MELTED LIKE LAVA and besides the steel had impenetrable fire protection coating and no other buildings in history ever before fell from a structural fire, for example the empire state building which was hit by a plane. Dr. Steven jones is the world’s best physisit and he proves that there was thermite in the rubble and I’m sick of all this horsepuckey about other sources for the sulfur as if there could POSSIBLY be that much gypsum board in those offices. It wasn’t THAT it was TERMITE.

    I’m sure you’ve been well-paid just like Chomsky is and Cockburn (secret NWO agent) with all your sneakily pro-Bush pro-NWO smears. We need concerted action. It’s time to shut you people down along with Kos (gatekeeper) and the Agonist (gatekeeper) and Americablog (AIPAC gatekeeper) and Demopublican Underground. Nobody should be allowed to write ANYTHING unless they tell the TRUTH and controlled demolition is a scientifically proven FACT. Dr. Steven Jones has proven it and every other physicist in the world (gatekeepers) is nothing but a bunch of paid LIARS.

  11. No, this blog post is BS.

    Sometimes I don’t know what disturbs me more. Reading the websites replete with miscellaneous crapola about missles flying into the pentagon, or the reading the posts of sarcastic, snarky yuppie snots driving around in their little beamers, going to their trifling little 50K-to-push-a-mouse jobs, going to their little trendy bars, and coming back from their little trendy bars alone and making equally trendy posts on their trendy-little myspace-esque rantfit blogs. You’d think that for said yuppie snarkies, blasting paranoia websites showing dubiously doctored mpegs with little missles eminating from airliners would be akin to shooting fish in a barrel. It would be, if DARPA hadn’t decided to throw its hat in the ring with the tinfoil hat brigade, and chosen as its logo for the Total Information Awareness program the famous giant masonic pyramid with an eyeball. It’s almost as if they’re begging for the attention just as much. Are the snarky snarkeys doing the same?

    On one hand, some of the paranoid websites of the cornucopia of crap are so badly thrown together and executed that it’s almost impossible to believe they’re anything but government sponsored propaganda. But, lo and behold, yes, people ARE really that stupid.

    However, there are a few more scholarly efforts out there- Michael Rivero’s http://www.whatreallyhappened.com, and the efforts of a nuclear physicist– Steven Jones– who actually got
    a mention in the last years’ top 22 censored media events as the ‘physicist disputes official 9-11 story.’ I wish I could remember the name of the professor that annually compiles that list? Congrats to him for being a reputable journalist, unlike paid schmucks like Wolf Blitzer, whose lips can be seen regularly on either Bush’s ass or on the asses of his former bosses at AIPAC (the only known organization that seems to talk about the cluster-F in Iraq as a “success” and almost famously accused of hijacking America’s foreign policy)

    The most disturbing thing of all: The fact that the lamebrain writing this blog entry makes his claim to having a higher intelligence his complete lack of suspicion. Never mind that the FBI’s Mueller has gone on the record as saying that we have “no hard evidence” connecting Osama to 9-11.

    It doesn’t take longer than ten minutes to find on the web plenty of reputable information, some from former air traffic controllers who worked in the Reagan Administration– people who have actually seen the air force REACT to a hijacked airliner– who seem to have enough common sense to know that the defense apparatus, under normal cirumstances, would NEVER just let, say, six airplanes go off their transponder for over an hour without scrambling jets to intercept.

    Apparently, extrapolating the master reasoning of our genius friend here at BS, the entire USAF should just scrap its multi-trillion dollars worth of fighters and bombers and just go with hijacked United Airlines planes, since to him, they’ve been proven more effective.

    I admit, I have some strong feelings about this.
    I feel betrayed, when I have serious doubts about what I see on TV, and check around on the internet for alternative sources of information and all I can find is websites with lots of Times New Roman in allcaps with lots of exclamation points. I don’t side with them. Nor do I side with those that out of small penis complexes have to deride what they see as the stale status quo, and with it dismiss the feelings of many who understandably want some info.

    This is what one poster on this site commented:

    “That’s one of the big problems with most conspiracy theories; the number of people that would have to be kept quiet. If more than one person knows about something, it doesn’t usually stay secret very long.”

    Regardless of whether or not the issue is “secret,” let’s look at “keeping quiet,” shall we? How many people did it take to kill millions of Jews during the holocaust? How does the entire population of North Korea still continue to perpetuate an alternative reality? In North Korea, it’s Juche 82, and there is no information of what existed before the rise of the almighty state. In both of those situations, literally millions of people looked the other way. It doesn’t take many to actually commit the initial act. Hitler’s power over the masses depended more on a fierce minority manufacturing the illusion of being the majority.

    There are precedents, obviously. If I need to give another one, how about the CIA, NSA, or almost any of the many intelligence apparatuses of America? They’re borne on the foundation of ‘keeping quiet.’

    In full, all you have to do, to be a trendy little snot, is post “911 waz real dude, it was arabs get over it LOL” as a reply to “Loose Change” posted on youtube.

    This blogger just claims to be a bit more literate. I don’t see his as being any different in the zeitgeist.

    Though there are a lot of yahoos in the “truth brigade,” I side with the underdog- at least they’re not snarky little wang-wankers like this guy.

    Go back to myspace. Dude.


  12. People were aware that the Holocaust was going on. And in NK, A) People are not completely ignorant and B) The government controls almost all the radio, newspapers, etc., so I fail to see how it’s comparable to most other places in the world.And yeah, the CIA and NSA are supposed to keep quiet, but often they don’t.
    Question though: were the top censored media events you mentioned done by Project Censored? Just wondering.

  13. What difference does it make whether the government controls the media, as in the case of the DPRK, or if corporate interests do? Fahrenheit 9/11’s release was almost completely derailed by the fact that Disney, the distributor for the film, was worried about the consequences of a certain theme park it owned in the state of…. Florida? Whose governor is named suspiciously similar to the star of that film. Moore, for his part, dealt with similar censorship from NBC when he started attacking Microsoft on-air, before there was an MSNBC… but that’s another story.

    There are PLENTY of examples of censorship here.
    The massive numbers of people who don’t care continue going to the malls, spending money, driving in their little sportscars, and continue their apathetic little lives. Those who actually DO care marginalize themselves by the fact. The louder they complain, the more caricatured by the majority they become. Despite history proving that conspiracy is literally the rule and not the exception, “Conspiracy Theory” has very cleverly been molded in the English Lexicon to mean something that is inherently untrue. This is something I find incredibly amusing, considering every time Bill O’Reily considers those that side with Moore as “conspiracy theorists,” I can’t help thinking there’s a certain Wizard of Oz “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” sound to it.

    Never mind that most people who have read the used piece of toilet paper that once was the catalyst of this thread have never even heard of Willie Rodriguez, who worked in the bottom floors of the World Trade Center, and has had his apartment broken into on countless occasions and ransacked.

    There are literally thousands of firemen telling what they saw and heard on public record, and there are plenty who have compared the 9-11 Commission investigations to the amount of information already available and see ample incongruity.

    As for the DPRK, who are you to say that those following Kim Jong Il are necessarily “ignorant?” I think there’s a certain domino effect when it comes to ideas. When some see what I’ve wrote, some may consider me paranoid because I’m sticking up for people who wear tinfoil hats because they make easy targets. They see this, and become dissuaded from considering any of the available info on the subject, and out of cognitive dissonance find it more comfortable to ridicule or debase others, much like a ninth grader. There also may be those that realize there are agnostics who actually HAVE sat through history courses at the local community college and actually passed them, and that, yes, can conceive of a reality where a government touting its own righteousness and benevolence *could* actually carry out murder to perpetuate itself. They see my post, and realize, sure, it’s a doozy, but maybe they didn’t, and maybe they did.

    If there wasn’t anything behind the curtain in the first place, the writer of Age of BS wouldn’t have a psychological need for comforting himself by ridiculing the idea of “alternate explanations” for what happened. The least that we can agree on? It must be gaining some steam in the media. Why else would he/she/it/they/sometimes y/ write about it?

  14. Oh yeah. Project Censored. That’s it. Is he a conspiracy theorist too? Oh, that one about Halliburton building concentration camps is a doozy! YouTube has some rather awful 8mm video camcorder footage of one. I like the “Air Force” trains. I can’t fathom why Amtrak owns the facility though!

  15. I agree with you that censorship is a major issue, and it does keep people from knowing a lot of things about the government that they should know, I just don’t think it exists on the scale that would be necessary for the government to be responsible for 9/11.

  16. Why not? It’s pretty apparent. Anyone who bothers to investigate anything nowadays without more than a cursory look into the matter is bound to dive into ‘kook’ territory.

    I started toying with the idea of “truth” enjoying the misadventures of Glenn Campbell (not the singer), an anti-secrecy advocate who got his 15 minutes of fame by setting up the “Area 51 Research Center” a few miles out of the base.

    I was pretty shocked when, upon expressing an interest in this modern-day Walden-type character with Area 51 as his metaphorical pond, blog-posters and chatroom yahoos began saying “Area 51 doesn’t exist dude LOL get over it.”

    And why doesn’t it exist? Because for them, that’s enough. Hell, the national apathy buries any need to look further! No one here has bothered to look into the issue. I’d say only one out of five even knows who Morgan Reynolds is. And they’re all ready to pass judgement.

    For what it’s worth, extrapolating the above to your own reasoning: in order to “not think that secrecy exists” at the level necessary to perpetuate a lie that large, you will be more than happy to dismiss every clear-cut example of it in modern terms.

  17. “Why not?” Because I believe in Occam’s Razor. The simplest explanations are more likely to be the correct ones as long as they explain everything, and in regards to 9/11 I haven’t seen anything that proves the accepted (and simplest) one wrong.
    As for Area 51, I find it hard to believe anyone told you it doesn’t exist at all, just that they don’t have UFO’s there.

  18. You’d be surprised the kind of dummies I come across.

    Once, I talked about Occam’s Razor. Actually, no. Wait. I -typed- about Occam’s Razor to a bunch of faceless names in a chatroom. Insinuating I actually ‘talked’ to them is misleading, and implies some form of meaningful interaction.

    I think this was on the IRC #philosophy channel. Being the one that’s famous for little white poindexters engaging in the self-professed intellectual version of “Who’s Da Man?”

    What I found entertaining is that no one was quite sure how to spell Occam.

    Applying Occam’s Razor to the spelling of Occam’s Razor would get you “Okam,” said someone, since that would be the simplest possible spelling.


    Occam’s Razor is great! So instead of a lengthy search for the purse snatcher, I can just arrest the nearest black guy. He *looked* guilty anyway.

    C’mon. Please. This is getting absurd. It’s getting absurd because this argument implies requiring a belief. You either believe the government “did” do it, or you believe the government “didn’t.”

    Whatever happened to saying Meeeeeebe it did, and Meeeeeeeeeebe it didn’t? For that matter, what the hell happened after the movie JFK? I remember it being massively successful, and churning up a whole new wave of interest in the case. And most importantly, we found that a majority of people believed in the possibility of government involvement.

    Travel five years down the road, and we manage to somehow say “Oliver Stone” and “conspiracy theory” in every sentence together. It’s almost as if every utterance of the man’s name has to have the word “kook” afterward.

    GAH it’s so hard to try to have a little faith in humanity if liberals listening to NPR as if Jesus himself were a guest on All Things Considered is the best we can do.

    Oh yeah, who counts the votes?

  19. For the sake of communication it makes sense to spell things the same way everyone else does, and for your purse snatcher it doesn’t explain things like, I don’t know, the fact that that particular guy didn’t do it.
    I considered the possibility that the gov. did it (the maybe you seem to be looking for), but I think it makes more sense to believe that it didn’t, so now that’s what I believe. Anything’s possible, and I’ll keep an open mind, but for the moment I’m believing that the gov. isn’t responsible.
    And yes, I am well aware of voter fraud.

  20. I hate to mence words. After re-reading your posts, although it might not be nice to say it, I think your claim that Occam’s Razor would guide you right to the official story manages to obfuscate a certain amount of social pressure, laziness, albeit whatever really psychologically prohibits you from probing the issue any deeper.

    Again, the official story is that 19 men with boxcutters somehow overwhelmed the ENTIRE American air defense apparatus. How the hell did they do that? We have billions of dollars flooding into these defense systems, and the moment each planes’ transponder went off, we still knew where it was. People were tracking them on radar.

    Occam’s Razor, conversely, tells me that there’s something wrong with the official version. The JFK assassination may very well have been carried out entirely by Oswald. But it’s not as if an event of this scale has never been encountered in our history. There is a historical precedent. There is also a lengthy history of power exchange through covert operations in this country, something of which myspace yuppies need to be cognizant.

    But then again, I admit I usually don’t trust CNN. I didn’t before 9/11, and seeing how certain ideas were laid down in the national subconscious and repeated ad nausea, I’m happy to say some of my suspicions have been confirmed to my satisfaction.

    But since we’re talking now about the idea that somehow 19 brown people somehow overpowered the country’s entire defense system, I have to retort that -anyone- who has made a more than superficial inquiry into the issue and managed to open a dialogue with a little bit of the official print material knows that something there is fishy. I’m convinced, by seeing the neurotic behavior of those close to me, that there is a very strong adherence to the cover story, on a national level, partly because we simply don’t want to be suckers, and mostly because of the figurative lynching of our social systems it would represent.

    Now I’ll quote:

    “june 2001: the Department of Defense initiates new instructions for military intervention in the case of a hijacking. It states that for all non-immediate responses, the department of defense must get permission directly from the Secretary of Defense.”
    –Loose Change recut

    So all these kamikaze airliners are circling around the skies of the US and on the morning of 9-11, NORAD just happens to be running an exercise featuring hijacked aircraft? And the only person who can authorize an interception is AWOL?

    according to http://www.whatreallyhappened.com:

    “We still don’t have a full accounting of Rumsfeld’s whereabouts and knowledge on the morning of 9-11,” Gorelick acknowledged after the commission’s final public hearing. “We don’t have answers to the questions that you’re asking. But I’m going to make sure it’s nailed down,” she promised. Yet the final published report offers no further details on Rumsfeld’s inactions or the reason he was “out of the loop” (as the secretary himself put it) that morning.

    The National Military Command Center (NMCC) inside the Pentagon was the nerve center of the military’s response to the attacks on 9-11. But the lead military officer that day, Brigadier General Montague Winfield, told the commission that the center had been leaderless.”For 30 minutes we couldn’t find [Secretary Rumsfeld].” Where was Rumsfeld on 9-11? I put the question to the commission’s vice chair, Lee Hamilton, following the release of the report the commissioners call “the definitive account of 9-11.”

    Crimes happen. People in positions of great power are particularly positioned to use and abuse it. Regardless of how many people must have been “in the know,” because of the compartmentalization of certain tasks required to accomplish the end result, literally hundreds may have participated without their knowing. It is readily evident that, if proven true, those who adhere to the ‘current version’ of history are just as much adhering to the binding principles of society but are inadvertently accomplices.

    Nonetheless, people who actually have read the above articles, and bothered to try to confirm them on their own, have been disturbed by what they find. It is similarly concerning that there is now developing a “peanut gallery” group of yupsters and otherwise know-it-alls whose intention is to scoff and ridicule the *possibility* of such information actually being true, without having to “dirty” themselves by ever having contact with the source material itself. This is what initially persuaded me to post here.

    Oh and speaking of voter fraud, two rigged elections in a row, two almost neck-and-neck bids for the reigns, and Bush, surrounded by American flags (which Letterman later lampooned), addressing us as his “fellow Americans” as if trying to suggest himself in command by virtue of the presidential sound to his voice, and all the redneck patriotic flag-waving right-wing shitkicking going on after 9/11, and you’re not concerned that something awkward is going on here?

  21. Um, as a veteran, yeah, I can imagine the American defence system falling flat on it’s face in the face of a surprise attack. Those billions of dollars are paying for gold courses and gold plated weapons that have no conceivable use but are expensive (and profitable) beyond belief. Things like training budgets, exercises, and such that would actually give us a competent military have been slashed in recent decades as even more money was poured into military pork. In Hollywood movies and recruiting commercials the military is a well honed fighting machine, in real life it’s corrupt moribund organization mostly staffed by people who are unemployable in the civilian work force. That said, there are unanswered questions about 911, but frankly that is simply a distraction from the real issue at this point…Bush has used 911 as an excuse to launch an incredibly self defeating “war on terror.” —Doug

  22. J

    Thank you Doug.

  23. Jbone

    I don’t mean to be offensive if this does offend people, but I do not choose to point fingers as to whether the government pulled of this act of which we would know as treason, or if terrorists who hate all that which is free did.

    I do know that science can not be the answer to all our problems but if you have taken a remot physics class in your life of a 12th grade standard and beyond you would come to knwo the scientific flaws in 9/11 such that no steel frame structured building has ever collapsed due to fire damage until 9/1 i nfact some buildings have burned for long after 24 hours yet u see much debree and ash but their entire structure remains standing straight up into the air. Many argue that they had a “unique structure” what about WTC7 its structure was nothing out of the ordinary and other buildings were far closer to the Trade centers when they collapsed, its rather suspicious that the fire damage in WTC7 is entirely out of control, yet live footage of silverstein(owner of the WTC’s who managed to pull of billion dollars of insurance claims after his buildings all 3 of them fell due to attacks) Silverstein claimed that he spoke with the fire chief and the chief said the damage in WTC7 was fairly high and all the loss that had occurred in this day it wasnt worth it so they “pulled the plug” . I dont know what building designs involve properly placed explosives incase sdamages get out of control so we can spontaneously jump on the scene and demolish a threatening building but we should probably check out office buildings for these nifty contraptions. Lets see another factual flaw in WTC7’s collapse. apparently the fires were so intense inside WTC7 my question is wtahc the video, be shocked in awe and wonder of the magnificent smoke rising from WTC. By the way that was sarcasm if u didn’t get it. Lets use some common sense to derive this shall we. Somethign is on fire that is action, the reaction is extreme rise in temperature and in a combustio nreaction CO2 is emmited in the form of smoke along with debree from whatever is burning we see smoke from fires. office buildigns heated at that temperature fror as many hours as it was on fire, look at the amount of smoke the world trade centers had to let off before they collapsed, all the smoke anywhere near WTC7 was due to the collapse of the other towers and nothing to do with its own structural fires which were non existant because if the fire existed we would see smoke, if the windows were close the fire would be starved of oxygen thus no intense fire.

    Another arguement people bring to the table is the unfortunate argument that the world trade centres were brought down by fire damage. It is pathetic that the government didn’t even acknowledge the possibilities of secondary explosive, they didn’t even acknowledge it they said it flat out didn’t happen it was the fire. Im sorry but that is complete ignorance not to mention the unfotunate CNN footage of tons of people sayign they heard secondary explosions all over the televsion just before they collapsed, slightly odd that the government would overlook such an obvious factor let alone deny its possibility at all.

    And those who don’t know much about fire I want you to go do your research on them and the melting point at which steel gives out, yes many people believe the jet fuel could have raised the steel to temperatures to lose half of its strength but only a tiny portion of the steel in which it hit, if that part were to buckle it owuldnt have brought the whole building down with it, it would have fallen at an angle and maybe taken a tiny piece with it, a beam acannot buckle into itself directly downwards it has to buckle at an angle otherwise there would be no buckling, and the fires were clearly not hot enough to even do such damage, if you do your research on fires, and if you have ever blown something up with gasious material, you would know that black smoke is a true tell sign that a fire is starving of oxygen thus dying in strength not growing, similarily black smoek was evident fro mthe wound in the WTC buildings so obviously these fires were dying as opposed to growing, now to the explosion of gasious materials, did u know that when gasious materials explode msot of the gas is consumed almost immediately, it is engulfed and than because the fuel to keep the gas fire going is all out it goes away nearly secodns after it arises only lasting long enough to maybe catch things on fire but not to continue fuel the spreading of it, with care try it at home setting a gaseous material on fire it engulfs it almsot spontaneously, the jet fuel was burned up pretty much seconds after the planes crashed into the towers, and go ask a steel welder why they dont just make a combustion reaction out of jet fuel to cut their steel beams, seeing as 9/11 proved that it is very efficient at it, if of course you choose not to look at scientific fact.

    I do not knwo what i believe in terms of who did these attacks but i do know that these buildings did not get knocked down by fricken planes and the fire they created, these buildigns were built with plane crashes in mind, u should also notice how when the planes impact the buildings the buildings remain nearly unfazed and unmoved, just as if something punctured them but in no way compromised its structure, it showed no sign of its structure being extremely fractured other then the hole in it, and buildings do not just fall, thigns do not just happen these buildings went from standing up fine with a hole in them to plummeting with no inbetween, if the structure was beginning to sustain immense damage it would have reflected it by swaying back and forth and slowly as each beam would have collapsed you would have noticed immense changes over the course of time not just one full out collapse that appeared to be very similar to a controlled demolition, as they fell symmetrically into their own footprint, to over look the laws of physics in this case.

    Did you know that the only buildings that fall relatively at free fall speed are those buildings that undergo controlled demoltions? Did you know that all the WTC’s that fell on 9/11 fell at approximately free fall speed? Did you know newtons first law of inertia “Objectsi n motion stay in motion unless acted upon by an opposing force” The building collapsed and had no opposing forces even though it fell from the top downwards? Were the floors beneath the other floors so weak that it was as if the floor above it enver hit it all to allow the building to fall at free fall speed? Does it cross your mind as to whythis building didn’t fall during or shortl thereafter is construction these floors were so incredibly weak that they could not even brace a floor above it crashing down on it not even for a fraction of a second? Did you notice the planes hit closer to the top of the building to take down the entire building, though that would be the most structurely sound and worst part to strike the building as the rest of the below building is not supporting any greater weight, and even if the beams buckled at the top their are still 42+ beams with 100’s of feet of intact beam below it to continue to support the building and brace the fall….. are you beginning to at least question the logic that 9/11 was brought down by planes because scientifcally it broke so many laws that we might as well throw all mdoern day technology out the window as it was all created with flawed laws of physics because george bush said so.

    I have to be biased in my opinions only because the government has been so ignorant about it, and it is in that ignorance that most people believe the government is behind this attack and not terrorists though I am still undecided and can understand both sides of the equation but definetly lean towards the fact that it was at least funded or known by the government.

    One last food for though. Did you know the pentagon has one of, if not the best anti aircraft missle defense system in the world? What a waste on money, might as well have invested in Enron if people can still crash planes or missles or whatever the hell hit the pentagon. Very sad that billions of tax payers dollars was wasted into an air defense program that does shit all.

    Good day

  24. Y’know, I didn’t realize it last time I came here. I thought government-hugging went out in the 90’s. I thought, at the very least, that people were a little bit less trusting of their government and the various machinations of its multi-tentacled influence, as it proceeds to take over the world.

    I’m really disappointed in all of you.

    Apparently, skepticism of skepticism of the government is back again.

    It seems like the big stumbling block for almost all of you is “Our government ‘wouldn’t do such a thing.” Whine whine whine.

    Well, let’s see.
    1) rigged election.
    2) rigged election again.
    3) organized torture operation.
    4) Iraq is radioactive thanks to DU

    Figure it out.

  25. The stumbling block for me is that there is no need for elaborate conspiracy theories. Hijacked airliners being flown into buildings explains what happened. The conspiracy was to use this event to justify Bush’s interventionist foreign policy and his “GWOT.” The people who talk about shaped charges and robot planes are actually helping the Bush Administration by distracting people from the real conspiracy.

  26. 9/11wasafuckinglie

    wtf? u probly havnt seen loose change 2 or anyhing. this post is irected to the arrogant and racist ppl who think 9/11 was y muslims.
    did u even fucking see how wen ppl actually caught the pentagon crash on tape their ape was confiscated and they were told not to discss wat the had seen? and then the FBI released a five frame clip to the public whihc shows no evidence of a plane! and the real footag from the ppl who actually caught it on tape was confiscated without explanation! if u think it was muslims, ur an idiot

  27. j

    Answer me this – why is it so important that the twin towers were destroyed? (So much energy proving such – by controlled demolition usually – exists on this site and many others)
    Also – wouldn’t it be more intelligent for conspiracy theorists to go down the route of the government placing terrorists in the planes and getting them to hit the buildings.
    Surely that is enough – is it not?
    Why the obsession with bringing them down with controlled demolitions and bombs on planes? Can a ‘war on terrorism’ only start if the buildings were razed?
    Also I would like to say how annoyed I am at the amount of – ‘no steel structure building has ever been brought down’ argument.
    I’m not aware of any buildings structually alike to the twin towers being hit by 2 jet planes travelling at 450 mph, or maybe this has happened and I missed it? I did go out a lot pre 2001.

  28. AnnoyingFacts

    “The stumbling block for me is that there is no need for elaborate conspiracy theories…”

    1. BBC anounced live on air that the “Salomon Brothers Building”, aka WTC 7, had collapsed 23 minutes before it did collapse.

    2. CNN anounced the collapse of WTC 7 at 11:10 Jerusalem time, which was an hour and 10 minutes before the collapse.

    3. In a “CNN Remembers” special, a 9/11 rescue worker is seen in front of WTC 7 telling people to move out because “That whole thing is about to blow up.”

    4. Donald Rumsfeld announced on the day before 9/11 that the pentagon had lost track of up to 2.3 TRILLION dollars.

    5. 125 people died inside the Pentagon.
    37 of those were accountants, budget analysts, comptrollers, or financial advisors. (29.6%)
    Lt. Gen. Timothy J. Maude was the only general (0.8%)
    The next highest ranking casualty was Retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Wilson Falor… And he was a passanger in the plane.
    No one else above the rank of O6 died in the Pentagon.

    Just a few to start out with…

  29. DrGhetto

    Thank you, Annoyingfacts! You can bring up anything to these people– the fact that the whole thing went down like a cartoon, or a badly scripted hollywood movie– and they’ll still believe a bunch of “ay-rabs” climbed aboard a bunch of commercial airliners and sacked people with X-Acto knives like we know those pesky “ay-rabs” always have since 1957. They’ll believe it like it’s in the mother-fucking bible.

    Instead of what they should be doing- disbelieving. Sure you can disbelieve the disbelievers, but that’s what’s on vogue- and that’s certainly what you’ll find on CNBC. Start disbelieving the RIGHT people for crissake! I watched as some woman, as if paid by a pharmeceudical company, literally preached (as if she were a Republican mouthpiece) and said, “I watched Sicko, and despite that, with our standard of living, there’s no country in the world I’d rather go to the doctor in.” Thank you, fake news-lady, you’ve managed to miss the point for an entire generation of people and try to keep people from going to Moore’s movie. I thought calling the guy a “propogandist” was extreme. Is this the crap all of us are going to have to get used to, now, besides all the damn cameras, and guys in riot gear everywhere? Besides, if a news-source starts dropping the “P” bomb, I’ll be more inclined to think they’re the source.

    But no, no, for some reason, after I read your post, for some reason… I feel like we might actually be making a tiny scratch in the titanium-plated skulls of these simpletons, who will wall themselves off from information about their governments’ crimes to protect themselves from the worst of their fears.

    Somehow, though, I only think two of them will ever actually press down on the links and see what you’re talking about. The others will go to the first bogus website they can find, read a bunch of supposed “refutations” and go to bed peacefully, not having to worry about the United States of Guantanamogulag going after them. (Popular Mechanics has shat away all credibility it ever had since it got into “Area 51” politically during Glen Campbell’s 15 minutes of fame, and publically announced that the entire base moved to Utah, but for some reason these people will eat it up with a spoon and lick their lips like Mikey).

  30. LOL And name calling helps your cause? 911 conspirators need to answer a few questions themselves about their theory, but of course they can’t because their theory is basically absurd if looked at in any detail. They are welcome to try though:
    911 Conspirator captured

  31. J

    Thanks again Doug. Yours is a voice of reason and tolerance. Unfortunately reasoning with the unreasonable is impossible. We’ll just have to tolerate them. They’re annoying but amusing, and wonderful for the ego.