Presidential nonstarters for GOP

As a life-long resident of the South and recovering Southern Baptist, I am more than a little familiar with the so-called “religious right”. I think it’s pretty clear that the religious right is, for all practical purposes, the GOP’s base. Maybe I have a strong sense of the obvious, but I think the following is perfectly clear to anyone who isn’t blind in one eye, and can’t see out of the other.

Rudy Giuliani has no chance of becoming president unless he defects to the Democrats. He’s pro-gay, pro-abortion, and anti-gun. In other words, the base of the GOP won’t support him. It’s really that simple. I can’t imagine a scenario where he could win the nomination. Should he, a third party candidate would emerge and the Dems would win by default.

Rudy’s chances are, however, better than Mitch Romney’s. Mitch is a Mormon. While Mormons make up a small percentage of the religious right, there’s absolutely no chance of the bulk of the religious right supporting a Mormon. The fundamentalist and the Catholics don’t even consider Mormons to be Christians! Romney might as well be a Muslim.



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13 responses to “Presidential nonstarters for GOP

  1. I’m not sure I agree with you about who the Republican base is – as I think it has changed in its composition in recent years. But I do agree about Rudy- much as I like the guy he is no stronger a Republican/Conservative than McCain, Frist or most of the other names being tossed around. I don’t know enough about Romney to voice an opinion – although your observation about Mormons vs Christian is interesting.


  2. J

    writer chick – glad you stopped by!

    I think the antics of Bush and the Congress over the last few years have alienated “fiscal conservatives” as well as those of us who loathe “foreign entanglements”. For the most part, though, the religious right held the rope for the GOP in the recent elections.

    Believe it or not, I realize I don’t know what I’m talking about. It doesn’t stop the politicians or the anchor folks, so I don’t let it stop me.

    See ya’ on the perches …

  3. The problem with the Republican is that they have forgotten what it means to be a true “Conservative”. Fundamentalist Christians are NOT convervatives. Like Liberals, they want to use the power of goverment to control the lives of the citizenry. They differ from Liberals only in what aspects of our lives they wish to control. As a whole, this nation is too centrist for this sort of thing, which is why when the Democrats lean too far left, or the Republicans lean too far right, they get booted.

  4. J

    murderofravens – I mostly agree. Words mean what people think they mean, though, and “conservative”, it seems to me, is becoming synonymous with “social-conservative”. In that sense, it’s becoming a dirty word, much as liberal has.

  5. Pink Slip

    So if Guliani and McCain are out (and they would seem to be the frontrunners now), who would you like to see?

  6. J

    Pink Slip – I don’t think McCain is out of it. He’s slick as owl shit and if he can appease the religious king-makers, like James Dobson, he’ll probably get the nomination and have a good chance to win.

    No candidate has emerged who appeals to me, from either party. I usually have to hold my nose and go with the lesser of two evils. I believe “less is more” where government is concerned. I’m pro-business but don’t want to be governed by corporation. I don’t think it’s any of my business what others do, unless they do it to me. I think putting ideologues in charge of the military leads to disasters like Iraq. Lastly, I think professional politicians are the greatest danger currently facing the US.

  7. squawkboxnoise

    Conservatives in general are pissed at the Republicans. Conservatives are a law and order crowd and this talk of amnasty for illegal aliens, immigrants or what ever is PC these days, sent many away.

    Look at the message. The first act a person commits is an illegal act crossing the border and then they will be rewarded with amnasty. That is so much buffalo bagels. I want ot be rewarded for the times I got caught speeding.

    Then you got your libertarian types like myself. Yeah Bushco gave a tax break but for gawds sake created new entitlements and a transportation bill that even the Democrats said they could not believe the boy signed.

    It weren’t just the religous conservatives that flew the coop.

    The conservatives that were served up did not have the gonads to tell Bushco no. They have no one to blame but themselves.

    McDrained and Rudy will not get the nod. I look for a dark horse like a Tancredo type to step up.

    Just my dos centavos

  8. J

    squakboxnoise – I’m not familiar with Tancredo, except that he wants to do something about the invasion. That would put him at odds with corporate America, making it very difficult to raise money (for a presidential run). If enough people are pissed off about the invasion, perhaps principle will trump pocket depth. We can dream.

  9. Pink Slip

    I don’t think either party will solve the illegal immigration issue. I think they need to punish businesses that hire illegals, and no one seems to want to do that. As far as President, I don’t think either of the 4 frontrunners so far (Guliani, McCain, Clinton, Obama) appeal to me.

  10. I have a $20 bet with my dad. He thinks Giuliani will be the Republican nominee and I don’t, not only for the reasons you listed, but he had a messy divorce and left his wife for his mistress while in office, and for a party that loves its family values and has seen that image corrupted in the last few months, it needs to ensure that the candidate has a solid home record.

  11. J

    dingers – that rules out McCain too. The good people, even though many of them have several failed marriages under their belts, don’t condone it in their leaders.

  12. squawkboxnoise

    From what I have read about Tancredo he is pro business in the tax arena. I can take that trade off.


    Some of Bush’s problems were that he did not work congress. His conception is, he makes a proposal it is congress job to follow up a the electorate’s to hold their feet to the fire. – As in frying the Pubbie gang of 14 participants.

    In the real world this does not happen, people will scream “bloody murder” for to days then forgeddaboutit until they get snagged again. It’s a shame but true.

    We need a conservative, a good leader, a good politician, a man that can twist an arm -see:Lyndon Johnson-, a man who knows how to work the bureaucracy.

    Haley Barbour for President

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