Michigan vs. Ohio State

Saturday numbers one and two square off in Columbus. What’s at stake is a place in the national championship game. Or is it?

There’s more than a little chatter that if the game is a good one, then perhaps the loser deserves another shot at the winner in the title game. In theory, I don’t have a problem with that.

The only teams in the country, today, that might legitimately cry foul, are Florida and Rutgers. Unfortunately for Rutgers, they don’t play the kind of schedule that gives them much leverage. Florida does. Should the Gators manage to run the remainder of the table, they may have a gripe when, not if, they are passed by. I put the Gators chances of beating both FSU and Arkansas at less than 3 in 10.

USC will probably wind up playing for the title. They have only lost once. They haven’t played anybody, however, save for Arkansas, and Arkansas, at that point in the season, wasn’t in the top 50 percent nationally. They’ll play because they are a media darling that doesn’t have to earn it based on what they do on the field. That said, USC has as much talent as anybody. Up to this point, however, they haven’t been a very good team.

Should Michigan and Ohio State be decided by a touchdown or less, and neither team turns the ball over more than twice, then I say let them play again for all the marbles. They both have outstanding football teams.



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2 responses to “Michigan vs. Ohio State

  1. The tension is building for tomarrow’s college football show down between No.1 Ohio State and No.2 Michigan…and I mean tension. Q: Why did Ohio State switch from artifical turf to grass? A: So the cheerleaders would have somewhere to graze. Ouch! It is predicted by many polls that if Ohio State loses to Michigan they will fall in the rankings to No.3 or worse. Tomarrow, Ohio State not only needs to win; they must defend their chances at a the National Title.

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