Democrats waxing or waning?

How long will it take for the hapless Democrats to shoot themselves in the foot? Not long, if the few days since they took Congress are any indication. They’ve already chambered a round and drawn a bead just behind their big toe.

It seems that hearings are in the works concerning the war in Iraq, and the questionable intelligence the neo-cons served up as justification for it. In a phrase, that’s spilt milk. Democrats need to concentrate all their energies on getting us out of that shit-hole. How we wound up there is irrelevant as long as Americans are dying. The independents are watching the Democrats to see it they are capable of anything more than blathering and preening. It doesn’t look good so far.

Plagiarist Joe Biden has vowed that John Bolton will never be confirmed as ambassador to the UN. Most Americans probably don’t give a damn one way or the other. Those that think about it probably realize that Bolton, on his best day, is an asshole, and that an asshole is just what we need dealing with the disaster that is the UN. Joe, Bolton is insignificant. We want you to do something about Iraq.

Now some crackpot has filed charges against Don Rumsfeld in Germany because they believe he’s permitted the torture of terrorist. Let me break it down; torture bad, Rumsfeld worse, filing charges against an American in a foreign court, worst by far. I realize this isn’t the work of the Democrats per se, but it reflects badly on them, at least as I see it.

If the Democrats are serious about maintaining power for more than two years, and want to have a chance at winning the White House, they better get their shit together fast. Americans despise George Bush because he’s a terrible president. Nevertheless, I suspect most Americans, given a choice between Mr. Bush, and a Kerry or a Gore, would vote for Mr. Bush again. The ball is in the Dems court. I’m betting they fumble.



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5 responses to “Democrats waxing or waning?

  1. Did you see Johnny’s comment on “The Day After”?
    I think he sums up what you’re saying, via a rhetorical question… “how long will it take for the Democrats to screw up?” I’m nervous too… but there is hope in the Democrat party, yet I’m so skeptical. I think Obama is hope, but I’m afraid to really hope because the Democratic party lately has been so far from what we expect from a Democratic party…. Or do we need a third party? Every day that passes I am more convinced of it.

  2. I wish you weren’t right, but I’m pretty sure you are.

  3. I’ve got my fingers crossed…and hope like hell that our newly elected officials realize the position they’re in. If they don’t know all eyes are on them, and half the country is waiting in line to be the first to say “I told ya so”…then they will get what they deserve in ’08! But I’m hopin’…

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog – beautiful dog shot on your banner. An old friend?
    And yes, I hope the Dems realize how very much trouble they’re in. Easiest thing in the world will be for Republicans to say, “They wouldn’t let us do anything” as the big campaigns finish up two years from now.

  5. J

    Monte – That’s my best-bud in the banner. I have a couple of rescues too, one of which needs a home and would love to live with you ;^/

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