USC to take title from Texas in rematch

Considering what happened in week one, I’m making my first bullshit prediction of the 2006 college football season. Based on what I saw, and what tends to happen with the polls, I think it’s very likely we’ll see USC defeat Texas to win all the marbles in a rematch of last years championship game. If Texas gets by Ohio State, and they should, I don’t see anything but poor coaching on Texas’ part, or the long arm of the law, stopping another clash of the paper-tigers. USC may be the real thing, but since they don’t play anybody, unless you consider the over-rated Notre Dame somebody, we’ll never know for sure. If Texas played in the SEC, they’d be doing good to lose just two. I’d give the Longhorns next to no chance against either Miami or Florida State.

I believe the eventual SEC champ, Miami, and Florida State will be, in reality, the finest teams in the country. (Ohio State too, if they manage to remain unscathed this season). Unfortunately the SEC champ will have at least one, and probably two loses. Florida State may go in undefeated, but if they have to play Miami again in the conference championship, they’ll be doing very well to walk away. Additionally, they have too far to climb in the polls, which almost certainly shouldn’t be taken until the second week of October, at the earliest.

Texas and USC are already in place to go the distance again. USC will leap West Virginia, even if the Mountaineers remain undefeated. If Ohio State beats Texas, look for them to lose to USC in the big one.

An undefeated SEC champ, Iowa, and Oklahoma are potential flies in the ointment.



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2 responses to “USC to take title from Texas in rematch

  1. Anyone knows a good legal team? Looks like Texas might need one this season.

    USC will kick ass and take names, AGAIN!!!


  2. J

    The number the Buckeyes did on Texas makes me think they are indeed the best team in the country. If they get to the title game (against) USC, I think they’ll win unless they’ve lost too many key players. Ohio State will be battle hardened. The same can’t be said for Southern Cal.

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