Democrats as tough guys?

Yesterday evening I screwed up and sat down with my remote out of arm’s reach. As a result, I wound up watching the CBS Evening News. From the commercials I learned a lot about the drugs I’ll be taking, if I live much longer, and somehow find fools to pay for them. And I realized with all the certainty of death that the Democrats will fail to reclaim the White House in 2006.

CBS did a piece on “security moms”. I guess those are moms between the ages of 20 and 50 who have had at least a modicum of success playing in the cannibalistic system. Apparently their votes are seen as some sort of block by the political people. Polls indicate that Americans are scared of terrorist and the current administration has largely lost people’s confidence. To hear the correspondent tell it, the Republicans are in danger of losing the security moms to the Democrats. Maybe, but the danger is minimal.

The Democrats supplied a strategist to comment on their chances of wooing the security moms. Instead of sending out the Brad Pitt-John Wayne hybrid they are bound to have somewhere, they went with the effeminate model! I don’t recall the guy’s name. There was no missing, however, that he was probably a sissy and almost certainly gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But when you’re talking about trying to appear tough, and everybody already knows you’re not, why go with the girly-man? Perhaps in the Democratic party principles trump personalities, and physiques. Nevertheless, if they want to win they need to remember they are up against the nastiest, fear and hatemongeringest political machine in the history of the world; the Republican party!

It goes without saying that the “big tent” houses a freak show. A few of the freaks have broad appeal. Most are just plain noisome and do more good for the Republicans, just by rearing their ugly heads, than all the ridiculous right-wingers combined. Until hideous freak becomes chic, the Democrats will flounder.



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2 responses to “Democrats as tough guys?

  1. Heh, it does seem unlikely for the Dems to reclaim the White House in 2006, given that Congress is in a totally separate building.

    More importantly, however, you’re right. The Democrats haven’t inspired any confidence in their ability to protect people. As such, their only hope for gaining the “security mom” vote is to let the Republicans stay in power even longer so they can continue to show everyone that they can’t do it either.

    Frankly, letting the Republicans stay in power so they can continue to self-destruct seems like a pretty crappy strategy to me. While it’ll eventually work, it doesn’t seem wise to subject everyone to any more neo-con leadership than is absolutely necessary.

  2. J


    These things have a way of working themselves out.

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