Despite my best efforts to avoid it, and much like the proverbial dog returning to its vomit, I can’t seem to help but keep up with the news. I firmly believe that the news is biased, untrustworthy, and largely irrelevant-at least in my own little world. Still, it’s often more entertaining than the crapola that passes for actual entertainment. As I write this I’m watching Hellboy on FX for the third time.

Apart from the war stuff, the thing I like least about the news is politics. The big political news of late would have to be the whiny Joe Lieberman’s defeat by Ned Lamont. Let me state right now, for the record, that there’s no doubt in my mind that if both Lieberman and Lamont were gunned down this very day, the world would be an ever-so-slightly better place. What caught my attention in all the bullshit spewed by the talking heads post-election was that Joe Lieberman was only the fourth incumbent senator defeated since 1980!

Put another way, that means that in the last 26 years, only four shit-bags have been sent packing by lesser shit-bags. Considering the carnage those shit-bags have wrought in the intervening time, and NAFTA leaps to mind, is it possible that any sane or honest individual doesn’t realize that the American political process is hopelessly flawed? Everybody knows the shit-bags are out of control. Everybody knows that nothing short of a revolution will ever change the status quo. How’s that for government of, by and for the people?

Since my mind is in the gutter, I might as well go all out and comment on the bullshit transpiring in Lebanon. I have no real opinion about it. Personally, I don’t think there’s any hope of a resolution, as long as there are any survivors on one of the two sides. What I found telling was that the U.S. and the French had to hammer out the terms of the cease fire to be imposed on the combatants. I don’t know anything about the French government, but if the folks representing the French people are anywhere near as corrupt and incompetent as those representing their American counterparts, then the good people of Lebanon are indeed backing up. In the grand scheme of things, it’s the oil that matters, and placating the masses over there trumps all. Got to keep the shipping lanes open and the dinosaur juice flowing west. Until the West moves away from the petrochemical-based economy, the West is beholden to the good people of the Middle East, inasmuch as they control, at least in theory, the oil the West needs to keep the trains running on time. What bullshit.



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  1. squawkboxnoise

    What bullshit. Yep but it seems you have hit the proverbial nail on the pointy head from Lebanon and the oil. If you cut through all the external crappola the absolute main reason we are in Iraq is to insure that the flow of oil continues.

    If you enjoy $3.00 gallon gas you will love $10+ if we pull out.

  2. J


    A couple of months ago I thought the only reason we were in Iraq was to have “boots on the ground” in the region to protect our economic interests. Now I’m starting to think the continued “war” in Iraq is as much about the neo-cons saving face as anything. Even the neo-cons aren’t stupid enough to think you can give democracy away, although they want the people that are really stupid to believe it can be done.

    At any rate, and with the certainty of a nuclear Iran, I don’t think it makes sense to have our forces within easy range of Iran’s second rate ballistic missles, especially if they’re tipped with nukes, and they will be, and sooner than later.

    As I see it, we only have two choices. We can clean that mess up over there (the Muslim world in general, the Middle East in particular), or we can come up with a smarter strategey for dealing with them diplomatically. The path we’re on today is like jabbing a caged animal with a sharp stick. Putting him down or soothing him almost certainly makes more sense.

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