Out with the old

In the beginning I thought blogging on bullshit would be fun. For the most part it was. Still, I’ve gotten sick of it. Puking sick.

Maybe it’s too easy. I doubt that’s it, because I’m lazy, and easy is right up my alley. Politicians and celebrities provide endless fodder for smart-ass posts. It’s gotten old though, and fast.

It’s time for a change. My blogging show is moving to Outskirts of Reality. It’s in the neighborhood, right here on WordPress.com. Hopefully it’ll be different. Different from Age of BS and different from other blogs. It’ll be more personal by design.

Politics, and the news in general, while not off limits, are way down on the list of things I’ll focus on. The reason is simple — I don’t know (what the answers are). Today I feel it’s a waste of time to post on, or even attempt to keep up with, what the mainstream media deems newsworthy.

Plan A is to get back to frying my fish. It’ll be bits of my past and present stinking up the grease at Outskirts. If you’re hungry, drop by for a bite. Hopefully I’ll serve up something tasty from time to time.



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Slimeball wars; Rosie vs. Donald

There was something surreal about one of America’s greatest philanderers coming to the defense of Miss America, one of America’s most philanderable females. The treatment experience is apt to tighten Tara Conner up, albeit temporarily. She owes the Donald one and I’m betting he’ll be tightening her up sooner than later, possibly on a visit to the nuthouse.

This doesn’t sit well with the ugly and awful Rosie O’Donnell. As if everybody wasn’t already aware of it, Rosie felt compelled to comment on the irony of the Donald counseling a beautiful young woman on character/moral matters. Apparently the irony of her nasty self commenting on the trials and tribulations of a beautiful young woman is lost on Rosie.

In a perfect world we wouldn’t have people like Rosie and Donald. In such a world, beautiful young women wouldn’t have to worry about waking up with their underwear on backwards, should they accept a beverage from the likes of either. We don’t live in a perfect world though, and what fun would it be if we did?


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No blissful leaders!

Apparently incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Silvestre Reyes, isn’t up on who’s who in the world of terrorism. I realize congressmen spend most of their time soliciting, dining and getting drunk in Washington’s ultra-overpriced bars and restaurants, golfing with their rich buddies, and having sex with the attractive young people on their staffs. Maybe, though, Reyes could take, say 15 minutes a day or so, to read the newspapers, now that he has his hands on the reigns. We overlooked Bush being an ignoramus, and to our peril. Reyes needs to get with the program or just get.


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Two bags for the hag

She (Bama football) don’t turn heads no more. J. D. Crowe’s latest Bama funny.

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A picture worth a thousand words

J. D. Crowe is the talented editorial cartoonist for the Mobile Press Register. This jewel was in Sunday’s paper and says it all about the state of Bama football. Click over and have a look, if you’ve got the stomach for it.

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Michael Crichton’s war on bs

Science fascinates me. Not real science like goes on in a lab. More the kind you might catch on PBS’s Nova. I tend to interpret the world symbolically so I’m not much good at the practical. Additionally, I’m mathematically challenged, and like all math challenged people, I’m locked out of the world of the hard sciences almost completely.

I like Michael Crichton. His books don’t do anything for me. Neither do his movies or television shows. Periodically, though, I’ll catch him on Book tv or elsewhere on cable, and I always enjoy his talks. Yes, he’s supercilious and a little weird. He’s wry, though, and I like that.

Crichton seems to hate bullshit even more than I do. He calls clowns — be they scientist, journalist, or congressman — on their crap and that’s pretty damn cool. He doesn’t have to do it. He just does. He graduated from Harvard Medical School so he has the background to digest real science. Additionally, I tend to trust him because he’s already rich and doesn’t have any reason to manipulate me. (Unlike, say, someone who is jockeying for grant money or running for office.)

Anyway, if you hate bullshit and are frequently bored, make an effort to catch Crichton on cable sometime. Better yet, click over to his site and read a couple of his speeches. “Aliens Cause Global Warming” is pretty good.


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What do you see?

Dan Goodman has posted some interesting optical illusions and linked to many more. If you like that sort of thing, click over and have a look.

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